Friday, October 10, 2014

UCM army and Resistance army

First a picture of my Resitance Army. I am still waiting for some models from the 2nd and 3rd waves

The two lifthawks. I like the models, they are very massive for medium dropships.

Cyclones, one of my favorite model from the Resistance.

All  my UCM models except from snipers and fireblades

Thursday, October 2, 2014

An update on the PHR and The Resistance

Just finished a batch of models for my PHR army, that is now almost finished : no more words now, pictures !

The PHR mega army deal just out of the box a few days after I received it from the mailbox. 29/03/2014

A picture I took the 03/10/2014. That's almost a 6 month painting project...

It is not exactly the PHR mega army, I still have to paint one neptune, one athena, 4 immortal bases and 1 zeus (if I ever need it). I also bought some of the new toys (Hades, Appollos,...)

Some sirens base with some n-scale scenery. Still needs some road markings I guess.

I really like the Appollo design. I need to play with their famous commander in her Hera Walker one day !

The two Erebos walkers and some Angelos. I still need to paint my two Helios skimmers.

The Athena in all its glorious awesomness... maybe the model that sold me the game in the first place.

I am currently painting my Resistance starter set. I finished the Hannibals and the Alexander and the Lifthawks are next.

The Alexander, and cotton buds. Because cotton buds are one of my favorite tool for painting ;-)