Saturday, November 30, 2013

Frozen city : UCM reinforcements

I bought more UCM miniatures to create a 1500pts army of what I think would make a coherent and good looking army. There are still some models I don't have that I will eventually buy later.

I tried to continue with my digital camo color scheme but after a few hours of work cutting the little squares of masking tape, placing them, removing them after the paint has dried, 50% of the models had problems with the tape removing the paint and the base coat... It was the tipping point. It is already a very time consuming technique, and if can only succeed on half of the models, it is too hard for me at this point. So I decided to try another color scheme. Keeping the light blue grey colour and choosing a darker colour, I am currently painting the UCM this way. I think it looks great. Inspiration found on this post on the DZC forum :

Here are some pictures of the models, they still need a little work until the varnish phase. Overall very happy with the result.

For reference the "frozen city light blue grey" is a mix of 4 drops of vallejo air light blue grey n°46 and 1 drop of vallejo air light sea blue n°89. The dark grey is n°54 dark blue grey from vallejo air model range. Wash from vallejo black and light grey. Metallics are done with steel from vallejo air model n°65. The tires are adeptus grey from citadel.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

Painting the frozen city 1

this weekend I took the time to paint one of the small residence. I used my airbrush for base colours : grey-black from vallejo air model range to create some shadows in the recesses. Next, some medium sea grey as a base colour, then some application of light grey and light blue grey. A quick drybrush of white on the edges to finish the painting process. Next step was the flock : I used some ash/toundra from galeforce9 to represent a base for dirty snow. I stopped there for now as I am waiting the snow flock from a order. Some people use sodium carbonate for snow, but I am not convinced by the results. I have some snow flock from basecraft but it is a small quantity so I am keeping it for miniature bases as it seems to be a good quality flock. I also began building a big sky scrapper but it is still in the very early building process.